Ideal and cozy accommodation for groups

Frumskógar Guesthouse can accommodate 8 people in 4 rooms and 23 people in 6 apartments. We offer roomy one-bedroom apartments, bright and comfortable rooms and an excellent outside spa area with hot tub, steam bath and outdoor shower.

Groups are served breakfast and dinner in our dining hall and lunch packs are also available.  

Please note that dinner is only available to larger groups during wintertime.

Please send us an email inquiry at and we will respond with an offer for your group. 

Hentug og notaleg aðstaða fyrir minni hópa

Gistiheimilið Frumskógar rúmar 8 manns í 4 herbergjum og 23 manns í 6 íbúðum. Við bjóðum upp á rúmgóðar íbúðir með einu svefnherbergi, björt og þægileg herbergi og huggulega útiaðstöðu með heitum potti, gufubaði og útisturtu.

Hópum býðst morgunmatur og kvöldverður í notalegum matsal okkar, auk þess sem við útbúum nestispakka fyrir hádegið.  

Við bjóðum upp á elda kvöldmat á veturnar fyrir stærri hópa.

Sendið okkur gjarnan fyrirspurn á og við sendum ykkur tilboð fyrir hópinn ykkar. Verið velkomin!


The absolute highlight of this guesthouse is that you or a group can pay the owner Kolbrun to make a homemade traditional Icelandic dinner! We had an amazing fish dinner the first night and the second night we had a lamb dinner. Delicious sides and generous second helpings were included. It was hands down the best food I had in Iceland!
She is also an AMAZNG cook! She has a sit down area where you can hangout and eat. For a small cost, she will cook a whole two course meal for you. She cooks a ton of food and puts it out for you so you can eat as much as you’d like. We had lamb with jam and different vegetables and then a cake for dessert. So good!!!! I suggest she open a restaurant, I would fly back to Iceland just for that!
I was throwing together my own cold food for dinner, until I saw the owner serve some amazing looking fish to some other guests. We asked if we could have dinner the following night, and she served us a beautiful buffet-style lamb and vegetable supper, with gravy and jelly for a very reasonable price. It was the best meal we had the entire trip.